For Primary Trainees

School Bursaries

Because of our large number of school partners, we are pleased to report that an increasing number of bursaries are being offered by schools to graduates who train with us. Schools understand that we attract high quality trainees and that we train them rigorously, so the bursaries they offer reflect their confidence in being able to recruit successfully from our newly qualified teacher pool.

Bursary amounts have ranged from £1,000 to £9,000 in recent years. We recommend that you apply early to be considered for one of these bursaries.

With over 21 years experience in teacher training, our knowledgeable office and finance staff are always at hand with advice and practical support for students with financial concerns or issues with student finance.

Contact us today regarding Teacher Training Bursaries and any other financial support questions.


For Secondary Trainees

An overview of the Government bursaries and scholarships available to secondary trainees can be found below. You’ll need a UK first degree or equivalent with at least a second-class honours to be eligible for a bursary or scholarship.

  • Bursaries and scholarships are available to trainees on a fee-based teacher training course in England that leads to the award of qualified teacher status. Availability is dependent on your highest relevant academic award and the subject in which you are training to teach. To receive a bursary or scholarship you must be entitled to support under the Student Finance England criteria. Residents of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will need to be entitled for support as set out by your country’s student finance body (Student Finance Wales, Student Awards Agency Scotland or Student Finance NI). Candidates with overseas degrees, may be asked to formally recognise any overseas qualifications through UK NARIC.
  • For EU trainees, it has been agreed that current EU principles of equal treatment will continue to apply for those covered by the citizen’s rights provisions in the Withdrawal Agreement. Trainees that were resident in the UK before 31st December 2020 and qualify for pre-settled status under the EU settlement scheme will continue to be eligible for home fee status and student financial support, subject to meeting all the usual criteria.
  • You could receive 24K as a tax-free bursary or a 26K scholarship. The bursaries offered are: 24K for Chemistry, Computing, Maths and Physics; 10K for Language and Classics and £7,000 for Biology. Scholarships of 26K are available for Chemistry, Computing, Maths and Physics.
  • Trainees in Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Computing with a 2:1 or above in the subject they wish to teach are able to apply for a teacher training scholarship with the appropriate professional body. You may still be able to apply if you have 2:2, this is at the discretion of the appropriate professional body, for information, please see the links to each professional body in the section below. Scholarships are awarded in place of a bursary.



In partnership with highly regarded professional subject associations, scholarships are awarded to the most gifted trainees looking to inspire young minds in Chemistry, Computing, Maths, and Physics.

If you’re passionate about your subject and have the potential to be an inspirational teacher you could apply for directly to the relevant professional bodies for a scholarship to supporting your trainee.



To be eligible for a scholarship, you should ordinarily have at least a 2:1 degree or above and want to teach Chemistry, Computing, Maths or Physics; your degree must be in the subject that you wish to teach. You may still be able to apply if you have 2:2, But this is at the discretion of the individual professional body. Scholarships are awarded in place of a bursary.

Further details, including other benefits of a scholarship through each body, can be found on the websites of the relevant associations, please click on the following link for more information:

If you’re not successful in your application for a scholarship, and secured a place on a qualifying teacher training course in England, you’ll still receive the standard bursary.

contact us today regarding Teacher Training Bursaries and any other financial support questions.