Assessment Only

If you are currently working as an unqualified graduate teacher in a school, you may be able to gain Qualified Teacher Status via the Assessment Only route into teaching. Becoming a qualified teacher holds many benefits, including the certainty of moving up the pay scale and greater, more flexible opportunities over where you can work.

Do you qualify for the Assessment Only QTS Route?

The Assessment Only route to QTS has been designed specifically for those graduates who can demonstrate sufficient breadth and variety of experience in schools or other settings to enable them to meet all of the Teachers’ Standards, therefore they would not need to spread a year training to be a teacher on a conventional teacher training course.

Entry Requirements for Assessment Only QTS:

  • You must hold a UK degree or equivalent qualification.
  • For age ranges 11-16 and 11-18, we would normally require that 50% of the degree be relevant to the subject you wish to teach; if the degree does not link closely enough, we would require an A level in that subject and a subject knowledge enhancement course would also be recommended.
  • You must have taught in at least two schools or Early Years setting, across the whole age range choosing from ages 3-7, 5-7, 11-16 or 11-18. It is not sufficient to only have had experience of two schools or settings;
  • You need to have taught children and young people from different backgrounds, across the ability range in your chosen age range;
  • You need to evidence your experience of different approaches to teaching and learning and school organisation and management;
  • You must achieve a standard equivalent to a grade 4 in GCSE English and Mathematics;
  • For those who wish to teach pupils ages 3-11, you will also need to have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade 4 in a GCSE science subject;
  • You will need to demonstrate suitability. We take safeguarding seriously to protect children and young people from trainee teachers that may put them at risk of harm and, as part of our recruitment, we will conduct interviews and background checks;
  • You will need to demonstrate and evidence that you are able to meet all the Teachers’ Standards without the need for any further training.


Please Note: It is unlikely that you will have gained sufficient experience if you have not been employed for two years as an unqualified teacher, but teaching in schools outside the UK and teaching as part of a recognised training course may be acceptable.

The benefit of this route is that you can be assessed during your regular working day.


Assessment Only FAQs

What is the cost of Assessment Only QTS?

The cost of qualifying as a teacher through the Assessment only route to QTS is £2,600, payable before the first visit.

Additional costs may apply if you are a teacher working abroad who requires an assessment team to travel to carry out an assessment in your home setting, and travel costs might apply if you work in a school a long distance away from the SCITT. We will, of course, try our best to minimise any such costs.

When could you start the Assessment Period?

At any time during the year! We are happy to discuss the possibility of any start date with you when you apply.

What happens during periods of lockdown?

We can still assess you as long as you are still teaching (even with reduced numbers) and you are happy to film and/or live stream your lessons for us. All other parts fo the process can be carried out over Zoom.

If you have started the assessment process and then have to stop your assessment due to COVID-19 we can pause and then resume when you are back in the classroom.

What will happen once you have gained QTS?

You will enter the first year Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) Induction period.

How do I apply for the Assessment Only Route into Teaching?

If you would like to apply for the Assessment Only QTS route, you can apply directly to us by clicking below to complete and submit our assessment application form.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 01268 570215. Alternatively, please complete the form below...