How to Apply Successfully for your Teacher Training in Essex

Entry Requirements

All candidates must have:

  • An honours degree (minimum 2.2) from a university in Great Britain or Overseas, or an ordinary degree with 300 credits, of which 60 must be at level 6, or a qualification recognised as equivalent to a degree;
  • GCSEs at level 4 (or equivalent*) in Mathematics, Science and English;
  • The ability to communicate clearly in written and spoken English.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any school experience, many of our schools are happy to provide the opportunity for applicants to gain experience with them.

Details of how to obtain evidence of equivalency or sit equivalency tests may be found below:

Equivalency Testing Brentwood

A Star Equivalency Islington

We will also require you to undergo appropriate safeguarding checks including DBS (Disclosure and Baring Service) prior to commencing your training.

Personal qualities

We would like to hear from you if you are:

  • Keen to become an outstanding primary school teacher;
  • Creative and imaginative;
  • Keen to open the minds of young people to achieve their fullest potential;
  • Able to work collaboratively;
  • Prepared to innovate and take risks;
  • Prepared to learn from research;
  • Prepared to work hard to develop your skills and your understanding of the way in which children learn;
  • Committed to providing a positive nurturing learning environment.

Most of all, we are looking to recruit trainees with a real passion for entering the teaching profession!

Are you ready to apply?

At Essex and Thames Primary SCITT we accept applications via UCAS to our SCITT teacher training courses.  We follow Safer Recruitment guidelines for our recruitment process at all times.  At certain times of the year, we accept direct applications and will place links on this site when this is possible.

Ensure that you have:

  • Decided on salaried or training programmes;
  • Decided on the age range you wish to train for;
  • Decided on whether you wish to train in mainstream or mainstream with SEND (spending at least a term in a specialist setting);
  • Selected the best course for you;
  • Drafted your personal statement;
  • Checked that you meet the entry requirements;
  • Identified your two referees;
  • Gathered a portfolio of all your examinations certificates to date.

Now you need to visit UCAS to apply, please use the following link:
UCAS – ITT Apply

Make sure you read our top tips for a successful application by clicking the link below:
Top tips to writing a successful application

Not ready to apply yet? You can use our application form to apply now for 2020 onwards.

The interview process

All candidates, regardless of the route applied for, must meet the essential entry requirements (or have the required qualifications by the start of the course) in order to be invited for interview. We read all applications, looking in particular for those which are clearly written and provide evidence of a strong desire to become a teacher. Applicants who meet these criteria, are invited to attend an interview day involving a number of elements giving them a chance to demonstrate all the necessary qualities and skills needed to become a successful teacher.

At interview you will be asked to:

  • Participate in an interview with a senior member of the SCITT staff and a headteacher from one of our schools;
  • Lead a short whole class activity;
  • Work with groups of children;
  • Discuss and write about your experiences in the classroom and the teaching that you have observed.

It is important that you come to your interview prepared for the tasks set so that we are able to assess your suitability to train.

Salaried Route applicants

For applicants to the salaried training routes, if you are successful at this stage you will then be interviewed by prospective schools. If you already have a school that wants to employ you please let us know in your application. If you apply to this route and do not then secure a school to offer you a school direct salaried position, we always offer the training route place as an alternative.

Interview outcomes

Successful applicants will be notified within 2 working days and offered a place.
Link to Guide: Top Tips for Writing a Successful Application

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 01268570215. Alternatively, please complete the form below…