Essex and Thames SCITT is one of the UK’s most established teacher training providers. having sustained an excellent reputation for more than 20 years. Working in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University we offer you a wide range of teacher training programmes.

All our courses offer Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and most offer a Post-graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) award with masters level credits and an opportunity to train with some of the very best in the sector.

Our excellent training is supported by a large partnership of more than 100 schools. Due to the outstanding reputation we hold locally for the provision of effective training, our trainees are among the first to gain employment each year. often within partner schools.

We pride ourselves on offering excellent support. providing you with a personal tutor during training. and continuing our support into your first year of teaching with our NOT support team.

Training with one of the largest school-based primary teacher training providers in our region makes you part of our ‘SCITT family’ along with hundreds of others who have gone before you!


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As a very successful and long established teacher training provider, Essex and Thames SCITT has forged links and strategic partnerships with an impressive variety of local and national organisations. We place great value on the input from all our school partners, and are proud of the links we have developed and are still developing with organisations and initiatives nationally, all of which help us to continually improve and reshape our provision to take into account changes as they occur within education.


Teacher training is a significant investment, but there’s often funding available to help you. There are various funding sources to support you through your training programme depending on the route you’ve chosen, the specialism you want to teach, and your personal circumstances. Use the links on this page to get more information.

School Direct Training Finance

Course fees are set at £9,250 per year or £3,000 per term for those on an accelerated programme. Part time fees will be charged at £6,750 in year 1 and £4,500 in year 2.

How to pay the tuition fee

Home and EU/EEA students may be eligible for a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of our school direct tuition fees. The loan comes from Student Finance England and once agreed, means that you won’t have to pay the tuition fees up front in order to train with us.  You will only start to repay the loan once you are in full time employment and earning over approximately £21,000 per year. You can find out more about student loans by clicking on the following links:

Student Finance Guide 2019-2020

Student Finance Repayment Guide

The guide also provides information on any maintenance grants that you may be eligible to apply for to support you during your training year.


School Direct Salaried Finance

If you are a salaried trainee during your training you will be employed by one of our schools and will receive a salary based on the unqualified teachers salary scale.

The school will also pay your tuition fees.  Anyone can apply for the school direct salaried route as the three year’s work experience has been removed as a requirement, but you should be aware that competition is fierce due to a smaller number of schools offering salaried places.  Several of our schools do, however, offer salaried places each year.  All are keen to find high quality trainees and invest in your school direct training with the promise of a job in the school at the end of the training if an appropriate position becomes available.



There are two types of bursaries available:

Government Bursaries Trainees on the Primary Mathematics Route are entitled to a bursary of £6,000. For the latest information on scholarships and bursaries, visit the gov.uk funding guidance for 2019-2020.

School Bursaries Because of our large number of school partners, we are pleased to report that an increasing number of bursaries are being offered by schools to graduates who train with us.  Schools understand that we attract high quality trainees and that we train them rigorously, so the bursaries they offer reflect their confidence in being able to recruit successfully from our newly qualified teacher pool.


Student Finance

If you are eligible for Student Finance, you may also be able to apply for maintenance grants to support you during your training year. The following links provides guidelines on the amount of funding and maintenance grants you may be entitled to receive.

Students with Children Find out more about Parents’ Learning Allowance and Childcare Grant.

Students with a Dependent Adult Find out more about Adult Dependants’ Grant.

Students with a Specific Learning Disability  If you have a disability or a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia you can apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance.


Our Courses

We offer a wide range of courses. Our courses all offer you qualified teacher status.

OFSTED Draft Inspection Framework: Emotional Health – A Missed Opportunity?

Wendy Cobb, Senior Lecturer in the School of Teacher Education and Development and Mary Taylor, Head of Programmes[...]

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Drop in for a coffee and a chat

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Our schools are located throughout Essex and London.  The taught part of the PGCE requires you to attend lectures in one of three centres – Runwell Community Primary School in Wickford (which is our main SCITT base) or at Edwards Hall Primary School in the outskirts of Southend.

We are excited to announce that we are planning to open a new base in London in September 2019.

Our three training bases are all large sunlit classrooms offering the latest technology.  Your base will be allocated based on where you live so that you can attend your nearest centre. Centre-based training days start at 9.30 and finish at 4pm or earlier.


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