This route is specifically aimed at experienced and competent candidates who:

  • have taught for a minimum of two years, in at least two schools, early years and/or further education settings.
  • have achieved grade 4 or above GCSEs or equivalent qualifications in Mathematics, English Language or English Literature. For primary candidates, have achieved grade 4 or above GCSE in a science subject.
  • have a achieved a first degree from the UK or equivalent. A first degree comprises 300 HE credit points of which 60 must be at level 6 of the QCF. Applicants with a foundation degree will need to supplement this qualification with at least 60 credits at level 6 (HE level 3) in order to attain an equivalent single qualification
  • demonstrated that they meet the Teachers’ Standards to be recommended for qualified teacher status (QTS) without any further training.
  • have the intellectual and academic capabilities in English and Mathematics required to carry out the role of a teacher.

Our Assessment Only route will help you to:

  • Become employed as a fully qualified teacher
  • Be promoted/and or gain more job security
  • Increase your salary by up to £7,000* per year


We offer Assessment Only in primary (age ranges 3-7, 5-11 7-11, 3-11) and all main secondary subjects (age ranges 11-16, 11-18 or 14-19, 11-19).

If you need some extra preparation before applying for our Assessment Only route, you can develop your teaching practice and build evidence against the Teachers’ Standards with our support prior to commencing the assessment period.

The benefit of this route is that you can be assessed during your regular working day.

Do you qualify for the Assessment-Only QTS Route?

The Assessment-Only route to QTS has been explicitly designed for those graduates who can demonstrate sufficient breadth and variety of experience in schools or other settings to enable them to meet all of the Teachers’ Standards; therefore, they would not need to spend a year training to be a teacher.

Entry Requirements:

To achieve QTS via our Assessment Only route you must:

  1. Be employed in a school in a teaching role with sole responsibility for teaching, assessment and planning or have a confirmed place with a hosting school that is able to provide your with a placement that allows you to have sole responsibility for teaching, assessment and planning;
  2. Have the support of your employing or hosting school;
  3. Hold GCSEs at level 4/grade C or above in English Language or English Literature and Mathematics, plus Science or a Science subject if you want to teach in primary;
  4. Hold a UK First degree from a UK higher education institution or equivalent qualification.  A ‘first’ degree is the initial degree you undertook, i.e. BA, BSc, etc. and not a Postgraduate degree, i.e. Masters or PhD and must comprise 300 HE credit points of which 60 must be at level 6 of the QCF.  Applicants with a foundation degree will need to supplement this qualification with at least 60 credits at level 6 (HE level 3) in order to attain an equivalent single qualification first degree from a United Kingdom higher education institution or equivalent qualification, any equivalent qualification must be one single qualification, not an aggregation of a number of separate qualifications. If your degree was completed outside of the UK you will need to provide an ENIC statement to demonstrate the comparability of your qualification.  If you have any questions about the suitability of your qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact us;
  5. Have undertaken at least two years full time, or equivalent, of teaching experience that includes evidence of whole class teaching with sole responsibility for planning, marking, assessing and reporting on pupils’ work;
  6. For the primary phase you need to be teaching the full curriculum including the core subjects of Mathematics, Literacy, including SSP and Science as well as a range of foundation subjects such as Geography, History, Art and Music. You can’t be a subject specialist such as PE or Music;
  7. Provide evidence of having taught in at least two schools;
  8. Provide evidence that you meet the Teachers’ Standards across a minimum of two consecutive age ranges;
  9. Demonstrate the required fundamental skills in intellectual and academic capabilities as defined by the DfE (further details will be provided following your application).

We have a rolling start date for Assessment Only. As soon as you apply and can show you meet the course entry requirements you’ll be enrolled and the process will begin.

Recruitment Process

Once we receive your application we will request the relevant information from you.

  • We will send you interview guidance to help you prepare
  • You will be observed teaching in the age range you are applying to be assessed in
  • You will be expected to talk through your teaching experience to date, your experience of different approaches to teaching and learning and to school organisation and management and your experience of teaching children and young people from different backgrounds across the ability ranges.

We will let you know on the day if you have been successful.

What happens after the interview?

You will be contacted within two working days with the interview’s outcome. If successful, we would require the school you are undertaking the process in to have a signed partnership agreement with us. You will be expected to fill in a Fitness to Teach form, and we will need to see your enhanced DBS certificate.


Courses for Qualified Teachers

Mentor Training
All teachers in our partner schools who mentor for us will be entitled to free access to a complete mentor training programme. Watch this space for more details.


Assessment-Only FAQs

What is the cost of Assessment-Only QTS?

The cost of qualifying as a teacher through the Assessment-Only route to QTS is £2,800. This is payable before the first visit.

Travel costs might apply if you work in a school far from the SCITT. Additional charges may apply if you are a teacher working abroad who requires an assessment team to travel to assess in your home setting. We will, of course, try our best to minimise any such costs.

When could you start the assessment period?

You can start the assessment period at any time during the year. We are happy to discuss the possibility of any start date with you when you apply.

What will happen once you have gained QTS?

You will enter the profession as an Early Career Teacher (ECT) for a two-year induction period. This period can be ‘fast-tracked’, subject to the approval of the appropriate body.

How do I apply for the Assessment-Only Route into Teaching?

If you want to apply for the Assessment-Only QTS route, you can apply directly to us using the form below.

If you have any questions, please use the ‘Contact Us’ form below, and a team member will contact you.